Vinyl Flooring or Safety Flooring- What's the difference ?

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        In general terms,whether it's Vinyl Flooring ,Safety Flooring,Amtico or Karndean, they're all made from PVC ( Poly Vinyl Chloride) and classed as Vinyl Flooring.The major exception is Lino or Linoleum which everyone assumes to be  or classes as, Vinyl Flooring.In actual fact  Lino is made from the natural product,solidified Linseed oil and has a canvas or hessian backing.The others are man made products.
            Standard Vinyl Flooring
                                                                In it's simplest form vinyl flooring is a flexible sheet usually 2mm thick and  2 metres wide and comes on a 40 m2 roll ie.20 m long. It is manufactured in a homogeneous format in one layer. In other words it's uniform in density and construction  so the pattern is the same throughout it's thickness.Usually the pattern is directional,so when using the entry level vinyls,( marketing jargon for the cheapest ), more consideration needs to be given to the cuts or drops and thus the extra material that will probably be needed to ensure the pattern always goes in the same direction.Although cheaper to buy this type of vinyl flooring will need cleaning and polishing.It will however if laid correctly last for years as this product just doesn't really wear.A typical example is Polyflor Standard XL.
             Polish Free Vinyl Flooring
                                                                Again this is homogeneous and in one layer but this time the material is rolled and pressed during construction in a process called calendering which results in a dense smooth surface with a non directional design.Polyurethane is added to the mix to considerably reduce maintainance costs. So although slightly more expensive to buy,there is less wastage because of it's non directional pattern, and because of it's density and the added polyurethane, it requires less maintainace i.e polish free.This type of vinyl flooring is frequently used in Hospital corridors and  general walkways.A typical example is Polflor Prestige PUR.
           Standard Safety Flooring
                                               The manufacturing process is slightly different for Safety Floor.Liquid PVC is poured onto a random glass fibre carrier sheet in one operation.This time the PVC contains a selection of aggregates to enhance slip resistance.These include pieces of silicone carbide,coloured quartz and aluminium oxide granules which in addition gives this type of flooring it's sparkle and shimmer.With a non directional pattern this is normally found in Clinics,Laundry rooms,bars,kitchens,canteens etc,etc.A typical example is Polysafe Standard.
           Marine Safety Flooring
                                             Again this is manufactured from vinyl ( PVC ) in a similar manner to standard safety floor.This time however the liquid PVC is bonded onto a scrim tissue in one operation.This product is used mainly in wet rooms,showers,swimming pools etc etc,mainly because it has a contoured surface to give better grip underfoot.The surface is not flat as such but has very small bobbles everywhere.A typical example is Polysafe Hydro.

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