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 Whether it's Karndean Flooring or Amtico Flooring they're both manufactured from PVC and both classed as vinyl flooring and both are laid in the same way.In this example our clients had broken through from one room to another to make one large kitchen diner with an external entrance into a utility room leading into the kitchen diner.As you can see one room had been finished  with ceramic tiling and the other with traditional carpet and underlay.
Karndean Flooring in Gateshead       Karndean Flooring in Gateshead       Karndean Flooring in Gateshead       Karndean Flooring in Gateshead
 As a result the entrance/utility area and the first half of the kitchen had a higher floor level due to the ceramic residue.The rooms were scraped,brushed and then primed with a green neoprene primer bonding agent,in this case Balls P131 ready to receive a  3mm Latex self levelling screed.
                                                                                                                                   Karndean Flooring In Gateshead      Karndean Flooring in Gateshead       Karndean Flooring in Gateshead
  The Latex  screed,in this case Arditex Na,comes in two parts.A  bag of powder and a bottle of Latex.The two are simply poured into a mixing bucket and then thoroughly stirred for about 3 minutes or so with an electric drill and paddle.The quantities are pre set so the mix is guaranteed to be perfect.It's then spread over the floor with a screeding trowel.
Karndean Flooring in Gateshead    Karndean Flooring in Gateshead    Karndean Flooring in Tyne and Wear    Karndean Flooring in Tyne and Wear
It sounds easy but it's not.But it is infact very easy, without years of practice, to get screed everywhere you don't want it,especially up skirting boards and onto your clothes and hands.Once this area had been screeded however,it was then left overnight to dry.Because of the roughness of the subfloor it had already been assumed a second screed would be necessary which proved to be case.So the floor was primed again and given a further top coat of screed.This was again left for 24 hours to go off .On the third morning the subfloor was level enough and dry enough to start buffing the surface.An electric orbital buffing machine was used with 60 grade sanding discs.
 Karndean Flooring in Tyne and Wear              Karndean Flooring in Tyne and Wear
 This just completed the processes required to end up with a good flat level subfloor ready to receive the Karndean tiles.In this case the clients had chosen Karndean Da Vinci Canadian Maple wood plank with a double inlay border of Golden Teak,with the central area laid at 45 degrees to the perimeter.The clients having decided on the width of the perimeter,lines or chalk marks were made all around the kitchen diner to this effect.The first tiles were then cut at 45 degrees with the tile cutter in random lengths 
Karndean Flooring in Tyne and Wear    Karndean Flooring in Tyne and Wear    Karndean Flooring in Tyne and Wear    Karndean Flooring in Tyne and Wear
and aligned along the scribed border line and laid into the Karndean Acrylic adhesive as tight as possible.Small blocks of  the screeded subfloor were then spread with adhesive and covered with vinyl tiles one after the other throughout the kitchen.Each block was then rolled with a 68kg roller in two directions to compact the vinyl to the adhesive and spread it evenly underneath the planks,until eventually the main internal 45 degree area of flooring had been laid.
Karndean Floors in Newcastle    Karndean Flooring in Newcastle    Karndean Flooring in Newcastle    Karndean Floors in Newcastle Upon Tyne
 From there, straight edges and a stanley knife were used to mark and cut out the overhang areas of plank in the border areas. Then it was a question of cutting and fitting the bespoke border into the area left between the 45 degree floor and the
Karndean Flooring in Newcastle     Karndean Floors in Newcastle     Karndean Flooring Suppliers in Newcastle     Karndean Flooring Supplier in Newcastle
walls.This was done without any adhesive and the last planks were cut and fitted to the wall to ensure there were no unsightly gaps left exposed around the perimeter of the room.Once satisfied with the fitting of the border,it was then removed,the adhesive applied and the border repostioned and then rolled.
Karndean Flooring Fitters in Newcastle    Karndean Floor Fitters in Newcastle    Karndean Suppliers in Newcastle
Continuing around the room until everything was complete. 
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